Software Management Consulting

RMW Enterprises Management Consulting can assist you with the setup, operation or shutdown of your software project. You decide which of these you want us to help you with.

Our management goal is to find the best way to the mission objectives while making sure that every facet of the process adds value that you would recognize and be willing to pay for.

Do you have an idea that needs software and don't know where to start?
Use us to teach you and get things started for you.

Does your organization know all about software but need temporary software project management help?
We can help - and do it your way.

A quote from the movie Caine Mutiny and our assurance that we don't share the speaker's (Commander Queeg's) attitude:

Mr. Maryk, you may tell the crew for me that there are four ways of doing things aboard my ship: The right way, the wrong way, the Navy way, and my way. They do things my way, and we'll get along.

We can help you ...

  • Put a development team together
    • Know what skills to look for
    • Know how to select the best talent
    • Protect the IP you create with the team
  • Know what industry software standards they'll need to meet
  • Get them working effectively together
    • Standard tool configurations
    • Coding standards or guidelines
    • Task / Issue tracking
  • Know how to gauge their progress and cut through the technical jargon
  • Judge the quality and reliability of what they're producing
  • Know how to define the less obvious deliverables
    • Sufficiently archived software
    • Sufficient design documentation
    • Instructions for reconstituting the software at a later time or by a different team
  • Setup a virtual office of developers (versus the brick and mortar kind)

Possible Activities

We'll help you put the pieces together ...

and pick the right development methodologies ...

and mentor your management and the development team

Software Process Consulting

RMW Enterprises Process Consulting can assist you with setting up your software development process. Our specialty is the IEC 62304 international standard for medical device software. The standard lays out requirements for every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from Risk Management through Implementation to Software Maintenance activities. We know how to extract the spirit of the requirements from such guidelines and create SDLC processes that both meet them and are very efficient - and not simply be a wasteful pedantic implementation of its rules.

What if my software isn't going into a medical device

IEC 62304 is a good basis for any SDLC process but some facets of it are unnecessary for other, non-medical, software creations. We have experience developing processes for such occasions.

IEC 62304

Do you know what SOUP is and would you recognize it if you saw it?
We do - and we know when and how to mitigate it.

Are you creating a Class C device and wondering how anyone could possibly execute all of the process steps required for it in the standard?
You're not alone. It can seem like it's impossible to comply with all of the process steps - until you know how to effectively decompose the software into parts that require Class C rigor and into other parts that do not. We've done this many times.

Are you updating the software of a device, a device created before the IEC 62304 standard existed, and wondering not just what new effort will be involved but also how much time it typically takes?
We can look at your prior process, identify gaps, and with a little knowledge of how long it takes your team to do things today, estimate the effort. We've also done this many times.

Do you know that you sometimes have to assume that pieces of your software have a probability of failure of 100% and that you have to mitigate that - and that other software in the same device is often not considered a suitable mitigator?
It's true, sometimes you'll have to find a way to mitigate the software failure with something other than software - like electronics.

We can help you setup your IEC 62304 process and/or train your whole engineering organization (Project Management, System Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Software Engineers, and Quality Engineers). Although IEC 62304 is a Software Development standard, since it covers the whole gamut from Risk Management to Maintenance, it impacts or expects things from all of these people.

Possible Activities

Sometimes software process standards matter ...

For medical, it's this ...

Software Development Consulting

RMW Enterprises Development Consulting can assist you with the design or implementation of your software. We are a comprehensive embedded, desktop and mobile solutions agency with over 20 years of experience in 4 different industries (aerospace, automotive and fleet, utilities and medical) --- and soon yours!

While never claiming to be experts in all of the above, we are truly experts in some of them and very experienced in the others. We have excellent experience with Object Oriented and Real Time design. Our special expertise is in leveraging those two in embedded platforms but we've also developed over 50 desktop applications. To be honest, we're just getting into mobile - but we've already got one app in the App Store and we're working on another. Our mobile app work has been built using a Hybrid tools approach, an approach that lets you create much of the app in such a way that it will run on more than one kind of mobile device (iPhone or Android) with no alteration. We also know about the latest craze in website design - Responsive websites - a website that automatically adjusts to fit the device (desktop, tablet or mobile) it's being viewed through. The website you're looking at right now, created by us, is responsive. Go ahead, try viewing it on a different device, we'll wait ...

Do you need someone to design and/or implement your software?
Let us be there for you for it. By the way, be careful, sometimes you won't get any design documentation or you'll get poor documentation from a developer you've asked to both design and implement - because to some of them "design" doesn't mean "documentation". It only means that they should think it all out before they implement.

Want someone to give you a second opinion on the quality of the software you recently acquired? Don't worry. We're not the type to say that anything that somebody else did is inferior to our own. We've often had to start from a body of work that somebody else did. Some of it has been bad, some of it good - and we know the difference - and will identify any particular risk areas we find in it for you.

Want help wrapping up what you already have - to preserve your gains and to facilitate development by a possibly different team in the future?
We can setup a Software Configuration Management system and/or package for you and verify that suitable instructions exist for reconstituting the application from it. Surprisingly, the absence of a package and instructions happens more often than you would think. You'll never be sure that what you have is what was used to create the software unless you enforced this kind of discipline prior to release. If that wasn't done, we can help after the fact - but an amount of uncertainty will remain.

Do you want someone to work in your office? Work here in our office?
We're flexible.

Do you just need a temporary helping hand with its design or implementation?
We may be able to help.

Are you a local small business that wants to create a website to enhance the professional image of your business or to increase sales by reaching more customers or provide 24 hour access to your business info?
If you're local, we can visit with you at your business and discuss how we would get you on the web - and the initial and ongoing costs.

Possible Activities

Languages, Tools and OSes we've worked with ...

The app we have in the App Store ...

Development Expertise and Skills

Languages: C, Java, C++, C#, .NET, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Assembly and others.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS, Unix and others.

Embedded Operating Systems: FreeRTOS, WinCE, QNX, pSOS+, RTXC, TI BIOS, and several personally designed proprietary OSs (one of which has been used in over two dozen commercial medical devices).

Development Tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Adobe AIR, National Instruments LabWindows, and many Vendor-specific IDEs such as those from Keil, IAR, MPLAB, TI, etc.

Design Tools: Microsoft Word, MagicDraw UML modeling tool, Visio and others.

Configuration Management: MKS Source, Tortoise/Subversion, Microsoft SourceSafe and others.

Requirements Management: Borland CaliberRM.

The above are just examples. If it's embedded or desktop related there's a good chance we have good experience with it, please ask. Beyond that, we learn new languages, OSes and tools quickly.


(What we've done for others prior to forming RMW Enterprises Consulting)

Jet Engine Test Software

Military Afterburning Engine

Customer: US Armed Forces

Our part: All of the application software for several military engines

Large Commercial Engine

Customer: General Electric, Pratt Whitney, Fiat Aviazione (Italy) and Turbomeca (France)

Our part: All of the application software for several commercial engines

Cruise Missile (not representative of how it was tested - this one's not coming back!)

Customer: US Armed Forces, Bet Shemesh (Israel)

Our part: All of the application software for several missile engines

Automotive / Utilities / Library Systems

Chrysler DRBIII Auto Diagnostic Tool

Customer: Owatonna Tool

Our part: We were part of a team that created the test software for it

Natural Gas SCADA System (representative, not actual, closest we could find from another source)

Customer: Northern States Gas

Our part: Remote Terminal Unit software and the presentation software on the Host computer

Library Materials SelfCheck System

Customer: 3M

Our part: The embedded application software for it


Heart / Lung Perfusion Therapy

Customer: Terumo Medical

Our part: Embedded and Host applications*

... and Devices that ...

  • Warm a patient's core
  • Provide image-guided location info
  • Simulate a cryoablation procedure
  • Diagnose prostate cancer
  • Pump into a heart's peripheral arteries
  • Collect info from a LVAD
  • Use light to treat cancerous tumors

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (representative, we did the 2nd generation version of this)

Customer: Kalypto Medical

Our part: The entire application

*You can't see it all, but the Heart / Lung machine is composed of 13 different intelligent subsystems - all continuously communicating among themselves and with a central computer. There are Temperature systems, Pressure systems, Level Detectors, Pumps, Etc. None of us does anything like this completely from scratch. We always stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. A device like this represents the efforts of many talented individuals. The first being the person who envisioned such a greatly physically down-sized distributed architecture device, then come the others who run with the vision and the prototypes and bring it to completion. One of our parts was to design and create the proprietary embedded operating system that all of the intelligent subsystems used (and over two dozen other medical devices would also use). Another one of our parts was to sketch out and then guide the implementation of the multithreaded application that ran on the central computer.

These examples represent a minority of the work we have done for others in the past.

What can we do for you?